Inclusive Experience Designer

As a leader in Inclusive Design Management, Johan sees his deafness and expertise in non-verbal communication and interaction as an asset.

He works with his clients and colleagues to co-create an inclusive layer over current products, (user) experiences, services, environments, spaces, interactive workshops, branding, marketing and business by applying inclusive design processes and inclusive design & research that combine multiple perspectives that create sustainable and impactful solutions. A few of his current clients include Google, Adobe, SCAD, ScadPro, Airbnb, Lufthansa Group and Indeed. His passions are hands-on creative play, sign language-gesture control, nature-inspired design, immersive workshops, mountaineering, paddling and Japanese cooking.

Let's talk Design

October 27, 2020
10:00 am
Thanks to my ability, I observe with my eyes and think with my hands. #deafgain