Van Der Gucht

Co-Founder at Silverfin

Joris started his professional life as an accountant but he was frustrated with how he had to work and the tools he had to use. Joris saw that more and more clients needed advice but the accountant’s main focus was on number crunching and reactive processes. Together with Tim Vandecasteele he founded Silverfin.

The company is now the leading cloud platform for accountants. It connects with leading bookkeeping and financial systems to bring all the data an accountant needs together, automates common work and gives them the tools they need to be effective and trusted advisors to their clients.

Biggest digital shift according to Joris: The main digital shift I see in our sector is that there are more and more solutions that centralize, structure and actually leverage data (for the first time!). This offers enormous new opportunities. Combining this with the rapid rise of AI and machine learning it will have a major impact on the profession. Traditional accountants have the opportunity to become data-driven proactive advisors. I believe this is not only happening in our sector but in many sectors. As data continues to grow exponentially, data without technology to analyze it, is useless. AI and machine learning have exploded in recent months as businesses turned to the technology to gain insights into their data. I think the increasing interest and investments in AI and ML will have a big impact on the way we live and work.

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October 29, 2020
10:00 am