Project Coordinator at Belgian eHealth program

For over 25 years, economist Vincent Dupont has been fascinated in how IT technology and business transformation are modernising the Health industry. The Copernican Shift needed in our global Health market. Passionate by innovation and digital transformation in Health, he’s a well-known public speaker in Health and key opinion leader.

After working 10 years at Microsoft he decided to pursue his career as “intrapreneur” focussing full time on innovation and digital transformation in the global Health economy. Currently, he holds a mandate for BHIC (supported by Microsoft) as Partner Development & Investor Relations lead, spurring entrepreneurship and innovation in Health. In his role as key expert, he’s g teaching courses during start-up cohort’s twice a year.

He has actively participated to the launch of MedTech Flanders. In October’18 he joined APB (National Association of Pharmacists) as strategic advisor, in order to support a new national mHealth program endorsing the therapeutic relation between the patient and the pharmacist. Lately, he’s been selected to join the MedTeG team from the UGent University in order to support semantic interoperability and EMR integration for a new spin-off.

Finally, he joined the AZMMSJ hospital as strategic advisor for designing a new transmural care blueprint, as the future-proof reference model for their E17 hospital network. Vincent Dupont joined in 2011 the Microsoft Western Europe Public Sector operations to lead the Health Industry, with more than 20 years’ experience in Health & Life Sciences IT.

He managed the Health business across 13 countries and was responsible for industry market development and its partner ecosystem.

Shifts in Health

October 27, 2020
4:00 pm