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Interview with Pattie Maes

At the previous edition of Shift, In The Pocket’s annual boutique conference for digital decision-makers, Pattie Maes was the keynote speaker. The Belgian, who has lived and worked in the United States since 1989, is a world authority in the field of artificial intelligence.Before she stepped on stage, the MIT professor came to our little podcast studio. During the conversation, which was recorded in Dutch, she talked for more than half an hour about her career and how she sees artificial intelligence evolving in the future.The sidekick in this special episode is Lieven Scheire.

Design consistency at scale with Jina Anne

In this episode of the Shift podcast, our CPO Hannes Van de Velde and Design Systems Advocate Jina Anne talk about scalable design. More specifically they'll focus on design systems - a well-documented, overarching set of rules and agreements on how to create products and communications by using components.

Ethics by design

In this episode of the Shift podcast, our CEO Jeroen Lemaire and product manager Stephanie Depuydt talk about how we can focus on digital ethics. They talk about the role of design, how you can convince businesses that privacy is an important issue and what we have learned about ethics at In The Pocket.

The link between AI and AR

According to AR expert Helen Papagiannis, who gave the closing keynote at Shift 18, there's a natural link between augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Our AR Lead Kenny Deriemaeker and our AI Lead Kenny Helsens recently joined us in our studio for an interview on this topic!