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AR on speed

Thanks to the LiDAR scanner in the iPad Pro (and soon also in the new iPhones), the world around us really takes on significance. How can you use this untapped potential as a company? On July 9, our XR Team discussed this topic in the closing webinar of this Shift series.

Industry 4.0 on speed

The manufacturing industry is affected heavily by the current crisis. According to the WEF, the industry can be rebooted by doubling down on investments in advanced manufacturing technologies that were attributed an essential role in ensuring a quick reaction to the crisis. In his webinar on Industry 4.0, In The Pocket’s Machine Learning Engineer Ward Van Driessche focused on some aspects of the next industrial revolution.

Don't touch

In a world focusing on hygiene, you might think about the steps in your customer journey that might be automated, because even MC Hammer knew that it’s sometimes better to not touch things. Consider for example NFC payments instead of touching your PIN, or computer vision software that automatically recognize license plates while parking your car so you don’t have to push extra buttons. In her webinar, Stephanie Depuydt (Product Manager, In The Pocket) explained how you can turn this theory into practice.

Define your digital strategy

We hosted a panel that focused on future-proof businesses moderated by In The Pocket’s CEO Jeroen Lemaire. Nathalie Vandepeute (CEO Bancontact Payconiq Company) and Joris Van Der Gucht (CEO Silverfin) are part of what was an interesting discussion!

Antifragility, organising for complexity

Being able to pivot quickly is an important condition to survive crises. One of the characteristics of companies that succeed in this is that they can make decentralized decisions. Robert Stohr, Tribe Lead at In The Pocket, hosted a webinar on how companies can use antifragility as a guide to organize for complexity. How do you evaluate strategic decisions? And how do you translate this into the daily context of your organization? Let’s find out!

How to deal with crisis

The global Covid-19 crisis we’re experiencing is unprecedented in its speed, depth, and global reach. You are inundated with gloom-and-doom thinking and are told that everything will change forever. A lot can be learned from observing how organizations are dealing with the current crisis and how they are working towards recovery. In her webinar, our Strategist Greet Bontinck will take a deep dive into the characteristics of the companies that thrive, analyze their secret sauce and offer a pragmatic guide to reshape your strategy.